Stage begin 20130727 00.17

Date: 2013 July 27
Theme: 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War
Place: Ryukyong Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium
Audience: senior party, state and army officials, foreign diplomats
KJU not present
Choir: 30 women, 20 men = 50; KWGU students
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2013/201307/news28/20130728-24ee.html
Published: YouTube http://youtu.be/PZEYURAkQmA

Choir 20130727 01.04.06 s

Student choir. Most faces are new; participation in this kind of grand events was a good opportunity for their studies and experience.

Comments: The choir is back, in good size; So Un-hyang and Hwang Un-mi are back singing like in the old days. The orchestra plays very well. UO duly pays it respects to KJU at the end of the concert. The concert hall is big and the audience appreciates. Everything appeared to be returning to normal.

One element was absent. Those knowing something about the history of the Korean war may wonder where are memories of the Chinese soldiers, whose role at the war was decisive in the ”Sŭngni” so emphatically narrated by Pek Sung-ran near the end of the concert. This absence symbolizes quite well the KJU era hands-off approach to diplomacy.

00.51 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌
Ri Myong-il conducts

02.40 서장 Sŏjang Prelude 序章

03.09 김일성장군의 노래 Kim Il Sŏng jangun ye nore Song of General Kim Il Sung 金日成将軍の歌
Composition: Kim Won-gyun 김원균, lyrics: Ri Chan 리찬, 1946
Belongs to the category of ”Eternal and immortal revolutionary hymns”.

Stage KIS 20130727 04.40 s

04.50 우리의 7.27 Uriye chirichi Our 7.27 我らの7・27
Composition & lyrics: Ri Jong-o 리종오 & Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1993
Jang Yong-ok (blue), So Un-hyang (orange), Rom Sung-hui (violet)
Ri Chun-il, Kim Kyong-ho, Mun Myong-sam

Näyttökuva 2016-01-08 kello 1.36.46

07.19 누가 나에게 가르쳤던가 Nuga naege karŭchyŏttŏnga Who taught it to me? 誰が私に教えてくれたか
Composition: Ko Su-yong 고수영, lyrics: Jon Tong-u 전동우, 1986
Hwang Un-mi, in an exceptionally colourful dress

11.54 Nore ryonggok Medley メドレー

12.02 조국보위의 노래 Joguk bowi ye nore Song of defending motherland 祖国防衛の歌
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Jo Ryong-chul 조령출, 1950

14.10 자동차운전사의 노래 Jatongcha unjŏnsa ye nore Song of a truck driver 自動車運転士の歌
Composition: Jong Jin-ok 정진옥, lyrics: Sim Bong-won 심봉원, 1951
Male sextet: Mun Myong-sam, Ri Chun-il, Kim Re-ryong 김래룡, Kang Kyong-hun, Kim Kyong-ho, Kim Yu-chol
Mun is in an unusual place

Male sextet 20130727 15.12

15.32 저격수의 노래 Jŏkyŏksu ye nore Song of sniper 狙撃手の歌
Composition: Mo Yong-il 모영일, lyrics: Ri Son-ul 리선을, 1952
Male sextet: same

15.55 진군 또 진군 Jingun to jingun Marching and marching 進軍また進軍
Composition: Hwang Hak-gun 황학근, lyrics: group, 1950

17.07 결전의 길로 Kyŏljŏnye killo On the road to a decisive battle 決戦の道へ
Composition: Kim Ok-song 김옥성, lyrics: Sok Kwang-hui 석광희, 1951

Nam Un-ha 남운하 20130727 17.26 s

Nam Un-ha 남운하 is very young

18.28 전호속의 나의 노래 Jŏnonsokye naye nore My song in the trenches 塹壕の中の我が歌
From the film 「화선에서 부르던 노래」 The songs we sang at the line
Composition: Kim Ok-song 김옥성, lyrics: Sim Bong-won 심봉원, 1951
Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁

20.16 샘물터에서 Semmul thŏesŏ On the bank of a spring (At the spring site) 泉のほとりで
Composition: Yun Sung-jin 윤승진, lyrics: Choe Ro-sa 최로사, 1952
Female sextet: Jang Song-mi (pink), Kim Hyang (pink), Ro Un-pyol (white-violet), Pak Kum-hui (turquoise), Kim Song-hui (white-purplish), Kim Min-sin (white-purplish)

21.45 젊은 기관사 Jŏlmŭn kikwansa Young train operator 若い機関士
Composition: Ri Hak-pom 리학범, lyrics: Pyon Byong-sun 변병순, 1966

23.47 해안포병의 노래 Hean phobyŏng ye nore Song of coastal artillery 海岸砲兵の歌
Composition or lyrics or both: Sok Kwang-hui 석광희, 1952
Used in the film Wolmido(ウォルミド)「月尾島」

25.25 김일성 원수께 드리는 노래 Kim Il Sŏng wŏnsukke tŭrinŭn nore Song dedicated to marshal Kim Il Sung 金日成将軍に捧げる歌
Composition: Pak Han-gyu 박한규, lyrics: Won Jong-so 원종소, 1956
The same video that MB used in the same day

KIS 20130727 26.28

Kim Il Sŏng 김일성 addressing his people

29.04 축복의 노래 Chukbokye nore Song for Blessing 祝福の歌
Creator: Kim Jong-il at the age of 11.
Different from the famous South Korean song with the same title
Female trio: Jang Song-mi (pink), Kim Kyong-hui (light violet), Kim Hyang (pink)

Ri Myong-il 20130727 32.51 s

Ri Myong-il 리명일 back to back with Jang

Flutist Ri Jong-hui 리정희 20130727 30.25 s

Ri Jong-hui 리정희

Two pianists 20130727 31.27 s

Two pianists

33.02 예쁜이 Yeppŭni Beautiful girl かわいい子
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Pak Yong-sun 박영순, 1998
Women who do something great for the fatherland receive this appellation. The song is about a military nurse during the Korean War who attacked an American tank with a hand grenade and apparently did not survive the attempt. The story is shown in the background video.

35.54 기쁨의 노래안고 함께 가리라 Kippŭm ye nore ango hamgge karira We will go together with a song of joy 喜びの歌を抱き、ともに歩まん
Composition: Kim Yong-do 김영도, lyrics: Jon Tong-u 전동우, 1978
So Un-hyang
conductor: Yun Pom-ju

So Un-hyang 20130727 36.54 s

So Un-hyang 서은향. Dress change as usual.

39.48 그때처럼 우리가 살고있는가 Kŭttechŏrŏm uriga salgoinnŭnga Are we living like in those days? あの頃のように我らは生きているか
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1990
Ri Chun-il, Ri Kum-hyok, Kang Kyong-hun, Kim Kyong-ho, Kim Yu-chol, Mun Myong-sam

42.29 전화의 그날 그 정신으로 Jŏnwaye kŭnal kŭ jŏngsinŭro With a spirit like in the war days 戦火のその日その精神で
No creation info
Jang Yong-ok

Jang Yong-ok 20130727 44.43 s

Jang Yong-ok 장영옥 with Chollima

Kaunis percussionist 20130727 42.36 s

Unknown percussionist

45.17 문경고개 Mungyŏng Koge Mungyong Pass 聞慶峠
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, 1950

Yun Pom-ju 20130727 53.18 s

Yun Pom-ju 윤범주

53.38 승리 Sŭngni Victory 勝利
Narration: Pek Sung Ran

59.00 우리의 총창우에 평화가 있다 Uriye chongchangue phyŏngwaga itta Peace is on our bayonets 我らの銃槍の上に平和がある
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Jong Un-ok 정은옥, 1993
Hwang Un-mi

01.03.06 종장 Jongjang Finale 終章

01.03.12 7.27 행진곡 Chirichi hengjingok July 27 march 7・27行進曲
Composition: Jo Kyong-jun 조경준, lyrics: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2013
A new Kim Jong-un song. MB played the same song for the first time exactly on the same day in the same way as the grande finale. A normal KJU video on the screen.

Stage KJU 20130727 01.05.55 s

So Hwang Jang 20130727 01.05.09

So, Hwang and Jang all changed dress once, and wore the most colourful ones. Their dresses also were always new, never seen before, while the second tier female singers could use old ones. For instance Pak Kum-hui, who was quite invisible in this concert, wore the same turquoise one she had in the previous concert.

01.06.30 Ending ceremonies

Stage last bows + opinions 20130727 01.07.04 s

Yun Pom-ju and Ri Myong-il doing their last public bows as Unhasu Orchestra conductors, while Hwang Un-mi and So Un-hyang exchange opinions about something.

The repertoire is very much the same as that of MB, excepting the amount of KJU songs. But here was at least one, the last one, performed with all due reverence. Some sort of tension between UO and KJU can perhaps be discerned since autumn 2012, but nothing unsurmountable.

An excellent concert – and then they just ended.