Ri Myong-il 20120619 00.18

Date: 2012 June 19
Theme: Probably the 48-anniversary of KJI starting to work at KWP
Place: Unhasu Theatre
Audience: ordinary looking people
KJU not present
Choir: small, 10 women, 10 men. Mansudae Yesuldan
KCNA: no news
Published: YouTube http://youtu.be/Uogw_MxuOTo?list=UUhp0f0Tm7s3mFhYPg0Gh-sw
Quality: not bad

Comments The only date given for the concert is ”June Concert”, while KCNA does not mention such a concert all. The only logical date for it is the 48-anniversary of Kim Jong Il starting to work at the Organization Guidance Department of the Korean Worker’s Party in 19 June 1964, which was a day for celebrations and concerts while he was alive, though not a very big one. This would fit also the fact that this was clearly again a KJI memorial concert, dedicated solely for him, first such event since February.

This was done in the small Unhasu Theatre, a short concert, audience in non-formal civilian summer clothing, UO in normal black civilian dresses. It is hot in the theatre; Jong Son-yong wipes sweat from her face. Video shooting and editing in classical KJI style; except in the beginning: only the stage shown, and no subtitles with info.

Stage Egukka 20120619 00.46 s

It appears that the YouTube version comes from a ripped DVD, which would suggest that the raison d’être for the concert was the making of a KJI memorial concert DVD by Unhasu Orchestra. That might even be expected of the ensemble as it was a KJI creation and was always strongly supported by him. UO certainly was thankful for him. As no celebrations for the historical event were announced in 2012, it may be that UO was the only organization continuing that tradition after KJI’s death. This would also explain the attire of the audience; they could simply be UO related people, other musicians, friends, and students. Because they were not really part of the DVD programme, they did not have formal clothing.

00.36 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌
Conductor: Ri Myong-il

02.22 김정일동지께 드리는 노래 Kim Jong-il tongjikke tŭrinŭn nore Song dedicated to Comrade Kim Jong Il (Cantata to Comrade Kim Jong Il) 金正日同志に捧げる歌
Composition & lyrics: Kim Gon-il 김건일, 1992
Choir + Jang Yong-ok, So Un-hyang, Hwang Un-mi, all in turquoise

Jang So & Hwang + KJI 20120619 05.07

Young Kim Jong Il in the background

06.36 영원히 한길을 가리라 Yŏngwŏni hangilrŭl karira Let’s proceed in a line to eternity 永遠に一筋を行かん
Composition: Ri Hak-pom 리학범, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1981

07.29 어머니당의 품 Ŏmŏni tangye phum Bosom of the Mother Party 母なる党のふところ
Composition: Yu Myong-chol 유명철, lyrics: Kim Song-jo 김성조, 1979
Pak Kum-hui

Pak Kum-hui 20120619 08.10 s

Pak Kum-hui 박금희

09.04 당중앙의 불빛 Tangjungangye pulbit Party Central in lamplight 党中央のともしび
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: Ri Dok-jo 리덕조、1980
An early song glorifying the untiring work of KJI for DPRK citizens late in lamplight.
Male quintet: Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈, Kim Kyong-ho 김경호, Kim Yu-chol 김유철, Mun Myong-sam 문명삼

10.00 어머니당이여 Ŏmŏni tangiyŏ Mother Party 母なる党よ
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Kim Je-hwa 김재화, 1964
Ri Chun-il 리춘일

11.11 언제나 향도의 별과 함께 Ŏnjena hyangdoye pyŏlkwa hamkke Always with the guiding star いつも嚮導の星と共に
No creation info.

11.54 당의 품은 우리 사는 집 Tangye phumŭn uri sanŭn jip The bosom of the party is our home 党の懐は私たちの暮らす家
No creation info.
Kim Kyong-hui 김경희 (pink), Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁

Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁 20120619 12.21 s

Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁

13.10 따사로운 그 품이 그립습니다 Tasaroun kŭ phumi kŭripsŭmnida I long for the warm bosom 暖かいその懐が恋しいです
Composition: Choe Je-son 최재선, lyrics: group, date unknown
Kim Song-hui 김성희 (pink), Kim Hyang 김향 (white), Rom Song-hui 럼송희 (deep violet)

14.39 당은 어머니모습 Tangŭn ŏmŏni mosŭp Party resembles mother 党は母の姿
Composer unknown, lyrics: Pe Hon-phyong 배헌평, 1984
Kim Myong-sin 김명신 (blue-white), Mun Myong-sam 문명삼

15.00 불타는 마음 Pulthanŭn maŭm Burning heart 燃える心
No creation info; there exists a film with the same name (1983), but its title song is different.
Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈

17.09 번영하여라 로동당시대 Pŏnyŏngayŏra rodongtang site Do prosper, age of the Workers’ Party! 繁栄せよ労働党時代
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, 1996
Mixed septet: Kim Hyang 김향 (white), Pak Kum-hui 박금희 (light pink), Rom Song-hui 럼송희 (deep violet)
Ri Chun-il 리춘일, Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈, Kim Kyong-ho 김경호

18.48 새별 Sepyŏl New star 新しい星
Composition: Kim Gil-hak 김길학, lyrics: Choe Ro-sa 최로사, 1966
Title song of a film with the same name.
String duodecet, Mun Kyong-jin 문경진 as the first violin
So Un-hyang

String duodecet 20120619 20.06

Unhasu Orchestra violins

So Un-hyang 20120619 22.58 s

So Un-hyang 서은향

23.44 선군을 노래할 때 Sŏngunŭl norehal te When we sing of songun 先軍を歌う時
Composition: Ryu U-hyon 류우현, lyrics: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2010
Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁
Conductor: Yu Pom-ju

27.30 동에 번쩍 서에 번쩍 빨찌산식이로다 Tonge pŏnjŏk sŏe pŏnjŏk parjjisan sigiroda Appearing in the east, appearing in the west in partisan style 東にさっ、西にさっ、パルチザン式なり
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2008
Male sextet: Ri Chun-il 리춘일, Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈, Kim Kyong-ho 김경호, Mun Myong-sam 문명삼, Kim Yu-chol 김유철.

30.37 장군님 생각 Janggunnim sengak Longing for the general 将軍様を想う
Composition & lyrics: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1993
Yu Won-chol 유원철 trombone

Yu Won-chol 유원철 trombone 20120619 32.38 s

Yu Won-chol 유원철

35.23 인민사랑의 노래 Inmin sarangye nore Song of people’s love 人民愛の歌
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010
Hwang Un-mi
No kayagum in the orchestra this time, so Jo Ok-ju plays harp; 35.21

Jo Ok-ju harpussa 20120619 35.21 s

Jo Ok-ju 조옥주

39.20 당신만 있으면 우리는 이긴다 Tangsinman isŭmyŏ urinŭn iginda If you are with us we will win あなたさえいれば我らは勝つ
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오 & Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1993
Hwang Un-mi

Hwang Un-mi 20120619 36.24 s

Hwang Un-mi 황은미

41.41 곧바로 Kotparo Straight 真っ直ぐに
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Kim Chol 김철, 2010
Jang Yong-ok

44.00 그리움은 끝이 없네 Kŭriumŭn kŭthi ŏnne Endless Is Our Yearning 恋しさは限りなし
Composition: Kim Un-il 김은일, lyrics: Cha Ho-gon 차호곤, 2012

49.28 그대는 어머니 Kŭdenŭn ŏmŏni You are mother あなたは母
Composer: U Jong-hui 우정희, lyrics: Jong Song-hwan 정성환, 2012. A new song in summer 2012. Most versions in the net are by the Moranbong Band, which performed this for the first time a couple of weeks later in 20120706.
Kim Myong-sin (blue) & Kim Kyong-ho

52.40 타오르라 우등불아 Thaorŭra udŭngbura Burn up, campfire! 燃えあがれ、焚き火よ
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010
Mixed quartet: Pak Kum-hui (pink), Kim Myong-sin (blue) + Ri Chun-il, Kim Kyong-ho

55.06 인민이 사랑하는 우리 령도자 Inmini saranganŭn uri ryŏngdoja Our beloved leader 人民が愛する我が領導者
Composition: Jin Hong-guk 전홍국, lyrics: Ryu Dong-ho 류동호, 2012
Mixed sextet: Jang Song-mi 장송미 (orange), Pak Kum-hui, Kim Myong-sin &
Ri Chun-il, Ri Kum-hyok, Kim Kyong-ho

57.14 조선의 힘 Josŏn ye him Might of Korea 朝鮮の力
Composition: U Jong-hui 우정희, lyrics: O Yong-je 오영재, 2011
Grande finale

59.47 Ending ceremonies

Stage ending 20120619 59.59