Stage begin 20120501 00.01 s

Date: 2012 May 01
Theme: May Day concert “Family of the General”
Place: People’s Theatre
Audience: officials of the party and armed forces organs.
KJU present
Choir: small, 10 women, 10 men. Mansudae yesuldan singers
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2012/201205/news02/20120502-10ee.html
Published: YouTube http://youtu.be/tjrrX6rrXWE
Quality: not bad

01.00 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌
Yun Pom-ju conducts

02.40 Opening speeches, unknown people

03.51 승리의 5월 Sŭngriye owŏl May, month of victory 勝利の5月
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Pak Se-yong 박세영, 1947
Jang Yong-ok (blue) + So Un-hyang (violet) + Hwang Un-mi (pink)
Ri Chun-il + Ri Kum-hyok + Mun Myong-sam

06.54 그리움은 끝이 없네 Kŭriumŭn kŭthi ŏnne Endless is our yearning 恋しさは限りなし
Composition: Kim Un-il 김은일, lyrics: Cha Ho-gon 차호곤, 2012

12.43 류벌공의 이 영예 끝이 없어라 Ryupŏlkong ye i yŏnge kŭthi ŏpsŏra This honor of raftsmen is boundless いかだ乗りのこの名誉は限りなし
Composition: Kim Yong-do 김영도, lyrics: Jon Tong-u 전동우, date unknown
Kim Kyong-ho 김경호, Kim Yu-chol 김유철

14.30 내 고향에 봄이 왔네 Ne kohyange pomi wanne Spring came to my home town 私の故郷に春が来た
No creation info. There is a song with the same name also in the South, but it appears to be a different one: https://youtu.be/KLl1jjymqmQ
Male sextet: Ri Chun-il, Ri Kum-hyok, Kang Kyong-hun, Kim Kyong-ho, Kim Yu-chol, Mun Myong-sam

16.27 황금산타령 Hwangŭmsan tharyŏng Golden Mountain ballad 黄金山打令
Composition: Kim Jun-do 김준도, lyrics: Kim Sang-ho 김상호, date unknown
The sextet continues; Ryang Un-mi 량은미 is added, duet with Ri Chun-il
Ryang is a rare visitor; again in summer 2013.

19.13 비날론 삼천리 Pinallon samchŏlli 3000 li of vinalon ビナロン三千里
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010
So Un-hyang.
Version with lyrics for a change. Emphatically a KJI memorial song.

So Un-hyang 20120501 21.43 s

So Un-hyang 서은향

22.37 뽕따러 가세 Pongttarŏ kase Let’s Go to Pick Mulberry Leaves 桑摘みに行こう
Composition: Yu Jong-chol 유정철, lyrics: Pak Won-chol 박원철, date unknown
Han Yong Bin 한영빈 of the Jangsuwon Cooperative Farm

26.06 종다리 Jongdari Skylark ひばり
Composition: Han Si-hyong 한시형, lyrics: Jon Tong-u 전동우, 1963
Kim Yong Suk 김영숙, a worker of the Phyongsong Synthetic Leather Factory

29.31처녀의 노래 Chŏnyŏ ye nore Maiden’s song 乙女の歌
No creation info.
Pak Kum-hui (violetish …), Kim Kyong-hui (pinkish), Kim Song-hui (blueish)
Ri Chun-il, Ri Kum-hyok, Kang Kyong-hun

33.13 쾌지나 칭칭 나네 Khwe jina Chingching nane Kiyomasa will get out ケジナチンチンナネ(淸正が出ていくよ)
A 16th century war song against Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s invasion; Katō Kiyomasa 加藤清正 was one of Hideyoshi’s most important generals in the Seven-year War over the Korean Peninsula. The modern Korean reading of his personal name (清正) would be 청정 (chŏngjŏng); my linguistic abilities are far too minuscule to know what kind of connotations the expression chingching would have had half a millennium ago.
Jo Ok-ju 조옥주 kayagum + choir

36.43 일터의 휴식 Ilthŏ ye hyusik A Break at the work place 仕事場の休息
Composition & lyrics: Ri Dong-jun 리동준, 1958

39.00 장군님 식솔 Janggunnim siksol Family of the general 将軍様の家族
Lyrics O Yong-je 오영재, 1993
Hwang Un-mi

Hwang Un-mi 20120501 41.37 s

Hwang Un-mi 황은미

43.15 구국투쟁가 Kuguk thujengga Song of national salvation struggle 救国闘争歌
Composition: Pak Han-gyu 박한규, lyrics: Ri Won-u 리원우, 1948
Singers are cinema stars who played at the film series “Nation and Destiny”, 민족과 운명; Minjokkwa unmyong, which was a series of 56 films made during 1992–1999.
Film actors: Ryu Kyonge 류경애 (Kang Ok 강옥), Ri Ji-yong 리지영 (Jin Ung-san 진응산)

48.25 생이란 무엇인가 Sengiran muŏsinga What is life? 生とは何か
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Ri Jinu 리진우, 1988
Film actors: Ri Kyong-hui 리경희 (Han Song-ok 한송옥), Ko Sung-ryong 고숭룡 (Kang Sok 강석)

53.07 곧바로 Kotparo Straight 真っ直ぐに
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Kim Chol 김철, 2010
Jang Yong-ok 장영옥

55.12 옥류교원무곡 Okryu gyowŏn mugok Okryu Bridge waltz 玉流橋ワルツ
Composition: Kim Bok-yun 김복윤, lyrics: Ju Je-uk 주재욱, 1961
Mixed sextet: Jang Yong-ok 장영옥 (blue), Kim Hyang 김향 (white), Jang Song-mi 장송미 (pink)
Ri Chun-il 리춘일, Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈

57.15 수령님 뵈옵던 잊지 못할 그 새벽이여 Suryŏngnim poeottŏn ijji mosal kŭ sepyŏkiyŏ The unforgettable dawn when I met the Leader 首領様に会った忘れられないその夜明けよ
No creation info.
Pak Kum-hui 박금희

01.00.28 압록강 2천리 Aprokkang ichŏlli The 2 000-ri Yalu River 鴨緑江2千里
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Jo Ryong-chul 조령출, date unknown
Singer: Son Te-won 손대원. He is a famous singer, supported by KJI since 1968 and later awarded the title People’s Artiste. At the time of this concert he was 71 or 72 years old, and worked as a teacher of singing in the Kim Won Gyun Pyongyang University of Music. This song is one of his bravuras.

Son Te-won 손대원 20120501 01.03.40 s

Son Te-won 손대원

01.04.24 구면친구 Kumyŏn chingu Old friends 旧友
Composition: U Jong-hui 우정희, lyrics: O Yong-je 오영재, date unknown
Kim Su-hyang 김수향 (pink), Han Suk 한숙 (white), Kang Yon-hui 강연희 (red)

01.06.36 우리는 로동자부부 Urinŭn rodongja bubu We are a worker-couple 私たちは、労働者夫婦
Composition: Kim Mun-gyu 김문규, lyrics: Pek In-jun 백인준, date unknown
Kim Pong Suk 김봉숙 and Ri Jong Son 리종선, soldier-workers of Hungnam relieved from active duty

01.11.28 도시처녀 시집와요 Tosi chŏnyŏ sijip wayo City girl comes to get married 都会の娘がお嫁に来るよ
Title song of a 1993 film of the same name. Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, date unknown
트럼베트 = Trumpet : 조선인민내무국 = 朝鮮人民内務局 = Korean People’s Interior Department; the name of the trumpetist not disclosed
녀성취주악단 전수련 = 女性吹奏楽団全修練 = Female Horn Ensemble Trainees of 색스폰 = Saxophone: Im Hyang-ran 임향란, Ri Song-hua 리성화, Ri Song-kyong 리성경
+ three UO saxophonists: Kim Song-guk 김성국, Kim Hyong-il 김형일, Song Yong-guk 송용국.

sax Kim Song-guk 김성국, Kim Hyong-il 김형일, Song Yong-guk 송용국 20120501 01.11.55 s

Kim Song-guk 김성국, Kim Hyong-il 김형일, Song Yong-guk 송용국

01.14.34 탄부의 영예 빛내여가리 Thanbu ye yŏngye pinne yŏgari We will glorify the honor of coal miners 炭鉱夫の名誉を輝かさん
No creation info.
Ri Sun-hong 리순홍, Merited Actor of the Mansudae Art Troupe

Ri Sun Hong 리순홍 20120501 01.18.54 s

Ri Sun Hong 리순홍 is a comedian.

01.19.17 내 운명 빛내준 어머니 당의 품 Ne unmyŏng pinnejun ŏmŏni tangye phum My destiny is in the bosom of the Mother Party 私の運命を輝かせた母なる党のふところ
No creation info, but 2008 or earlier.
Rom Song-hui 럼송희 (orange), Mun Myong-sam 문명삼

01.22.05 정다워라 나의 일터여 Jŏngda wŏra naye ilthŏyŏ My work site with warm relationships 人情深くあれ私の仕事場よ
No creation info, but 2011 or ealier.
So Un-hyang and Kim Yong Suk, secretary of the party primary committee of the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill

So Un-hyang & Kim Yong Suk 20120501 01.23.18.png s

So Un-hyang & Kim Yong Suk

01.25.10 직포공의 노래 Jikphogong ye nore Weaver’s Song 織布工の歌
Composition: group, lyrics: Kim Ryon-uk 김런욱, date unknown
9 ladies of the Kim Jong-suk Pyongyang Textile Mill

9 ladies of the Kim Jong-suk Pyongyang Textile Mill 20120501 01.26.12 s

01.27.30 천리마 달린다 Chŏllima tallinda 1000-li horse running 千里馬走る
Composition: Kim Gil-hak 김길학, lyrics: Nam Ung-son 남응손, 1960

01.30.00 한마음 따르렵니다 Hanmaŭm tarŭ ryŏmnida We will follow you whole heartedly 一心に従います
Composition: Ryu U-hyon 류우현, lyrics: Kim Hyong-chan 김형찬, 2012
Hwang Un-mi 황은미
A rare KJU song, performed only once by UO in concerts; never made it into the repertoire of MB. The only recording of the song in YouTube is also by UO, published by Uriminzokkiri two days after this concert in 3 May 2012. https://youtu.be/g4z_ejLI5Xs That recording may, however, be a different take, because the clappings of the audience are not in it. It also contains the additional information that the choir is formed by Kim Won Gyun Pyongyang University of Music, presumably students, and presumably the same as in the concert. No apparent reason why it did not become a hit; the melody is beautiful, though not very original.

01.34.07 돌파하라 최첨단을 Tolphahara chwŏchŏmdanŭl Make breakthroughs at the cutting edge 突破せよ最先端を
Composition & lyrics: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2009
Students of Kim Chaek University of Technology

01.36.04 더 높이 더 빨리 Tŏ nophi tŏ palli Higher, faster もっと高く、もっと速く
Composition & lyrics: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2001
Ri Kum-hyok, Jang Yong-ok 장영옥 (white ribbon), Kim Myong-sin 김명신 (blue ribbon), Ri Chun-il

01.38.45 전선에서 만나자 Jŏnsŏnesŏ mannaja Let’s meet at the frontline 前線で会おう
Composition: Kim Jong-hun 김정훈, lyrics: U Jong-hui 우정희, date unknown
Grande finale. The audience swings some kind of light sticks resembling Star Wars weapons.

Light sticks 20120501 01.39.55

01.41.05 Ending ceremonies

Stage end 20120501 01.41.31 s