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Date: 2011 October 11
Theme: 66th birthday of the WPK
Place: Unhasu Theatre
Audience: Senior officials
KJI present
KJU present
Choir: c. 55; KWGU students
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2011/201110/news11/20111011-39ee.html
Published: censored.
Quality: not good. Cameras are directed so that the names of singers are not shown.

The video is fairly short, less than an hour; obviously a shortened version of the original concert.

Wangjesan yesuldan and Moranbong do not appear any more in UO concerts. The orchestra has now such an abundance of young female soloists from KWGU for performing light and sweet songs that the two veteran groups are not needed. Also other veterans have been moved to other places. Only So Un-hyang and Hwang Un-mi are left of the original singers who started in autumn 2009.

00.09 Pek Sung-ran 백숭란 opens the concert

Medley メドレー of party songs for 12 minutes

00.47 영원히 한길을 가리라 Yŏngwŏni hangilrŭl karira Let’s proceed in a line to eternity 永遠に一筋を行かん
Conductor: Ri Myong-il 리명일

01.30 어머니당의 품 Ŏmŏni tangye phum Bosom of the Mother Party 母なる党のふところ
Composition: Yu Myong-chol 유명철, lyrics: Kim Song-jo 김성조, 1979
Singer: Jang Yong-ok 장영옥

03.03 당중앙의 불빛 Tangjungangye pulbit Party Central in lamplight 党中央のともしび
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: Ri Dok-jo 리덕조、1980
Male quartet: Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈, Kim Kyong-ho 김경호, Mun Myong-sam 문명삼

04.00 어머니당이여 Ŏmŏni tangiyŏ Mother Party 母なる党よ
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Kim Je-hwa 김재화, 1964
Ri Chun-il 리춘일

04.55 언제나 향도의 별과 함께 Ŏnjena hyangdoye pyŏlkwa hamkke Always with the guiding star いつも嚮導の星と共に
No creation info.

05.55 당의 품은 우리 사는 집 Tangye phumŭn uri sanŭn jip The bosom of the party is our home 党の懐は私たちが暮らす家
No creation info.
Kim Kyong-hui 김경희 & Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁

07.28 따사로운 그 품이 그립습니다 Tasaroun kŭ phumi kŭripsŭmnida I long for the warm bosom 暖かいその懐が恋しいです
Composition: Choe Je-son 최재선, lyrics: group, date unknown
From left to right: Jang Yong-ok 장영옥, Pak Kum-hui 박금희, Rom Song-hui 럼송희

08.45 당은 어머니모습 Tangŭn ŏmŏni mosŭp Party resembles mother 党は母の姿
Composer unknown, lyrics: Pe Hon-phyong 배헌평, 1984
Rim Un-hua 럼운화 (yellow) & Kang Yon-hui 강연희 (red)

09.55 불타는 마음 Pulthanŭn maŭm Burning heart 燃える心
No creation info ; there exists a film with the same name (1983), but its title song is different.
Kang Kyong-hun 강경훈

11.00 번영하여라 로동당시대 Pŏnyŏngayŏra rodongtang site Do prosper, age of the Workers’ Party! 繁栄せよ労働党時代
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, 1996
Mixed septet: Ri Chun-il 리춘일, Jang Yong-ok 장영옥 (pink), Ri Kum-hyok 리금혁, Ro Un-pyol 로은별 (white-green), faces of the rest not shown clearly

13.03 꽃파는 처녀 Kotphanŭn chŏnyŏ Flower girl 花売る乙女
Traditional melody, theme song of the opera Flower Girl, said to have been originally created by Kim Il-song as a play in 1930 while in prison in Jilin, and made into an opera, movie and book in 1972 by Kim Jong-il.
Conductor Yun Pom-ju 윤범주
So Un-hyang 서은향

So Un-hyang 20111011 13.37 s

So Un-hyang 서은향

16.03 경치도 좋지만 살기도 좋네 Kyŏngchido jojiman salgido jone Scenery is good, living is also good 景色もいいけど暮らしもいいね
Korean folk song
So Un-hyang 서은향 + Ro Un-pyol 로은별 (pale yellow) & Kim Kyong-hui 김경희 (bright yellow)

Ro Un-pyol 로은별 20111010 17.07 s

Ro Un-pyol 로은별

18.48 내 사랑 평양 Ne sarang Phyŏngyang I love Pyongyang 私の愛平壌
No creation info

21.33 즐거운 방목길 Jŭlkaun pangmokkil Pleasant pasture route 楽しい牧場の道
Composition: So Jong-gon 서정건, lyrics: Ri Hyok-su 리혁수, date unknown
Ri Chun-il, Ri Kum-hyok, Mun Myong-sam + Mo Un-pil 모은빌 (pink) arriving a bit later

23.07 내 고향의 메아리 Ne kohyang ye meari Echoes of my old home 私の故郷のこだま 《我故乡的回声》
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1987
2 ladies added: (blue) & Rim Un-hua 림운화 (green)

Kim Song-hui 김성희 20111011 23.56 s

Kim Song-hui 김성희

25.25 바다의 노래 Pada ye nore Song of the sea 海の歌
No creation info
Hwang Un-mi 황은미

Hwang Un-mi 황은미 20111011 26.00 s

Hwang Un-mi 황은미

30.04 그네뛰는 처녀 Kŭnetwinŭn chŏnyŏ Girl on the swing ぶらんこに乗る乙女
The song appears to have been created in the 1950s as a folk song by an anonymous composer, and later orchestrated by Jang Jo-il, the director of Unhasu Orchestra

34.58 어머니조국에 남아있으리 Ŏmŏni joguge nama issŭri I Will Remain in the Motherland 母なる祖国に残らん
No creation info
Conductor: Ri Myong-il
Pak Kum-hui 박금희 (blue) & Rom Song-hui 럼송희 (green)

38.23 조국도 빛나리 청춘도 빛나리 Joguk to pinnari chŏngchun to pinnari The land is shining and its youth are shining 祖国も輝き青春も輝く
No creation info
Ri Chun-il + Kang Kyong-hun added

40.50 수령님 모시고 천년만년 살아가리 Suryŏngnim mosigo chŏnnyŏn mannyŏn saragari Let us live with the leader for a thousand and ten thousand years 首領様とともに千年も万年も生きていかん
Composition: Im Gi-song 임기송, lyrics: Jo Ryong-kwan 조룡관, 1963
The song was originally made for KIS, who by 2011 was already in the eternal life, and KJI would proceed to the eternity in a bit over two months. This was the final Unhasu Orchestra concert that he heard.
Kim Kyong-hui 김경희

Kim Kyong-hui 20111010 41.56 s

Kim Kyong-hui 김경희

44.00 영원히 한길을 가리라 Yŏngwŏni hangilrŭl karira Let’s proceed in a line to eternity 永遠に一筋を行かん
Composition: Ri Hak-pom 리학범, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1981
Pek Sung-ran 백숭란

48.16 로동당은 우리의 향도자 Rodongtangŭn uri ye hyangdoja Worker’s Party is our guide 労働党は我等が嚮導者
Composition: Kim Gil-hak 김길학, lyrics: unknown, 1957
Grande finale

49.33 Ending ceremonies

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