Stage begin 20110204 00.14 s

The stage has been decorated more beautiful than in the first concert two days before.

Theme: Lunar New Year Concert for a domestic audience, no foreign songs
Place: Mansudae Art Theatre
Audience: ”working people”
KJI not present
KJU not present
Choir: no
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2011/201102/news04/20110204-06ee.html
Published: YouTube http://youtu.be/bEhNwU2qP7M
Quality: ok, resolution 640 × 480, but camera does not always show names clearly

00.09 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌
Ri Myong-il 리명일 conducts

01.40 Prologue Pek Sung-ran

03.45 우리 민족 제일일세 Uri minjok jeil ilse Our Nation Is the Best 我が民族が一番だね
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Ri Kwang-son 리광선 1993.
Grande inizio: 15 singers

06.16 강성부흥아리랑 Kangsŏng puhŭng Arirang Arirang for reconstructing strength and prosperity 強盛富興アリラン
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, date unknown
Same singers

So,Hwang & Ri 20110204  07.25 s

So Un-hyang, Hwang Un-mi & Ri Sol-ju, who for these first two songs had been placed beside the grand stars.

08.13 사랑가 Sarangga Love song 愛の歌
No creation info.
Pak Kum-hui + Ri Chun-il

11.24 아직은 말못해 Ajigŭn malmote I cannot tell yet まだ言えないわ
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Kim Gi-ho 김기호, 1991 or earlier
리설주 Ri Sol-ju + saxophone quartet. She is an excellent performer, who clearly likes to be on stage, moves there freely and happily, with no traces of shyness, with larger movements than other singers. North Korea clearly lost a good stage performer when she got married so early.

Ri Sol-ju 20120204 13.43 s

Ri Sol-ju at 13.43

13.10 멋있는 사람 Mŏsinnŭn saram Elegant man かっこいい人
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2002.
리설주 Ri Sol-ju + saxophone trio -> sextet

Ri Sol-ju 20120204 13.30 s

Ri Sol-ju performing with the saxofinists 13.43

15.11 우리 집사람 Uri jipsaram Our wives 私たちの家内
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010.
Saxophone sextet: Ri Chol-hun 리철훈, Song Yong-guk 송용국, Kim Hyong-il 김형일, Hwang Sung-chol 황승철, Ri Ung 리웅, Kim Song-guk 김성국 (from left to right)

17.39 사회주의 너를 사랑해 Sahwejuye nŏrŭl sarange Socialism loves you 社会主義は君を愛している
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2009.
So Un-hyang (pink), Kim Kyong-hui (white) & Ro Un-pyol 로은별 (yellow)

21.17 군밤타령 Kunbam tharyŏng Ballad of a chestnut tree 栗打令
No creation info.
Mun Myong-sam 문명삼 文明三

23.54 귀향의 노래 Kwihyang ye nore Song of homecoming 帰郷の歌
No creation info.
Male quintet: Ri Chun-il, 2 new debuting male singers, Mun Myong-sam, Kim Yu-chol 김유철. The surnames of the new ones are probably Kang and Ri, the rest is unclear.

26.26 보람찬 우리 일터 Poramchan uri ilthŏ Our rewarding work place やりがいのある私たちの職場
No creation info.
One Moranbong chorus lady Kim Hyang-mi 김향미 + Sin Yun-hui 신윤회 + male quintet

28.09 황금나무 능금나무 산에 심었소 Hwanggŭmnamu nŭnggŭmnamu sane simŏsso We planted in the mountains golden trees and apple trees 黄金の木りんごの木を山に植えた
Composition: Kim Ok-song 김옥성, lyrics: Kim Sang-o 김상오, 1960
Moranbong: Kim Ok-ju 김옥주 (orange), Unknown (purple), Kim Hyang-mi 김향미 (green), Kim Song-sim 김성심 (white-pink), Ri Sol-ju 리설주 (red), Ri Ok-hwa 리옥화 (white-green)

Moranbong nimi taululla 20110204 28.21 s

Ri Sol-ju performs here under the title of the Moranbong. This is the group with which she appears to be mostly associated with.

30.15 Name not shown
Moranbong continues; photos of the other members below, with Kim Hyang-mi appearing as the group leader. The membership varied in different concerts.

32.20 양산도 Yangsando Yangsan province/Sun Mountain province 陽山道
The song is performed also in South Korea, where there is even a film of the same name, 1955.
Yu Pom-ju conducts
Percussion lady now in chosenot in the background, which will be her place from now on

35.32 우정의 노래 Ujŏngye nore Song of Friendship 友情の歌
No creation info.
So Un-hyang

So Un-hyang 20110204 36.16 s

So Un-hyang at 36.16

38.00 옥류교원무곡 Okryu gyowŏn mugok Okryu Bridge Waltz 玉流橋ワルツ
Composition: Kim Bok-yun 김복윤, lyrics: Ju Je-uk 주재욱, 1961
So Un-hyang

Percussion lady 20110204 34.05 s

A new lady came to play percussion instruments in the 20110202 concert. She will continue in that role until the end. Here at 34.05.

39.37 준마처녀 Junma chŏnyŏ Maiden like a swift horse 駿馬の娘
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Ri Kwang-suk 리광숙, 1999
String quartet: Jong Son-yong 정선영, Pek Hyon-hui 백현희, Pe Un-ju 배은주, Kim Song-hui 김송희

42.05 Unclear
Conductor Kim Chung-il 김충일
Rim Un-hua 림운화 (purple), Pak Kum-ju 박금주(orange), Han Suk 한숙 (green), Kang Yon-hui 강연희 (blue). Pak’s debut.

44.18 영웅병사와 고향처녀들 Yongung pyŏngsa wa kohyang chŏnyŏdŭl Heroic soldier and maidens of the old home 英雄の兵士と故郷の娘たち
Composer unknown, lyrics: Song Chan-ung 송찬웅, 2001
Kim Su-hyang 김수향 (violet) and Sin Yun-hui 신윤회 (pink) added

45.23 군가에 발을 맞추자 Gunkae parŭl matchuja Keeping pace with the military march 軍歌に足を合わせよう
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Ri Sok 리석, 1999
Same singers continue

46.34 못잊을 나의 집 Mosijül naye jip Home I cannot forget 忘れられぬ我が家
No creation info.
Hwang Un-mi & the female sextet

Hwang Un-mi 20110204 47.28 s

Hwang Un-mi at 47.28. She is by far the most passionate singer, whose face is always changing with emotions. She often also smiles, although the editors of the videos try their best to cut out the smiles.

50.12 아름다운 생의 자욱 새기여가자 Arŭmdaun sengye jauk segiyogaja Let’s walk earnestly on the beautiful trail of life 美しき生の跡を刻んで行こう
Composition: Jong Chun-il 정춘일, lyrics: Pak Sang-min 박상민, 2002
Hwang Un-mi + male singer whose name cannot be read

53.08 통일무지개 Thongil mujige Unification rainbow 統一の虹
Composition & lyrics: Ri Jong-o 리종오, 1993
Kayagum: Jo Ok-jo + three flutists + at 54.55 Kim Hyang-sun with accordion

57.47 위대한 내 나라 Widehan ne nara Our great country 偉大なる我が国
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Kim Hyo-bong 김효봉, date unknown
Towards grande finale; solists as choir

01.01.01 전선에서 만나자 Jŏnsŏnesŏ mannaja Let’s meet at the frontline 前線で会おう
Composition: Kim Jong-hun 김정훈, lyrics: U Jong-hui 우정희, date unknown
Grande finale

01.02.55 Ending ceremonies

Stage end 20110204 01.03.25

The musicians behave with dignity, but like opera musicians anywhere else in the world. They behave freely, and although they all are supposed to have also military ranks, here they definitely appear as civilians. Their movements are not rehearsed in a military manner. They are artists and they are allowed to behave like artists.