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Date: 2011 February 02
Theme: Lunar New Year’s Concert, beginning of the KJI birthday celebration period, and simultaneously a friendly diplomatic gesture towards China
Place: Mansudae Art Theatre
Audience: High officials, Chinese diplomats
KJI present
KJU present
Choir: no choir, rare for an early period UO concert
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2011/201102/news02/20110202-18ee.html
Published: Currently censored. The first available version was published at Youku, but it has disappeared by now. Timing of the contents below and photos were based on it. In 2017 there appeared a slightly better version by Koryo Media Official, but not for long.
Quality: Rather terrible. People can be recognized. All names cannot be read reliably.

Comment: several songs were performed in Chinese. Like during the previous New Year concert, song names were given also in Chinese, which points to important Chinese guests in the audience. Two days later another concert was given, with somewhat better technical quality; many of the Korean songs were the same, but foreign songs were left out.

00.16 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌
Ri Myong-il 리명일 conducts

01.41 Prologue by Pek Sung-ran

Pek Sung-ran 20110202 02.06

Pek Sung-ran 백숭란

02.40 우리 민족 제일일세 Uri minjok jeirilsŏ Our Nation Is Best 我が民族が一番だね 朝鮮民族最好
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Ri Kwang-son 리광선, 1993.
Grande inizio: A large number of singers.
Females, in no order: So Un-hyang, Hwang Un-mi, Rim Kum-hui, Ri Sol-ju, Pak Kum-ju, Han Suk, Kang Yon-hui, Ro Un-pyol, Pak Un-sim + two more
Males: Mun Myong-sam, Kim Yu-chol (debut and staying), Kang Yun-jal 강윤잘 (name unclear, visitor), Pi Jinu 비진우 (name unclear, visitor).

05.20 강성부흥아리랑 Kangsŏng puhŭng Arirang Arirang for reconstructing strength and prosperity 強盛富興アリラン
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, date unknown
The same people continue

07.18 사랑가 Sarangga Love song 愛の歌
No creation info.
Pak Kum-hui 박금희 & Ri Chun-il 리춘일
Yun Pom-ju 윤범주 arrives to conduct

10.16 아직은 말못해 Ajigŭn malmote I cannot tell yet まだ言えないわ
Composition: Ri Jong-o 리종오, lyrics: Kim Gi-ho 김기호, 1991 or earlier.

Kim Song-guk 김성국 Ri Sol Ju 리설주 20110202 11.48

Kim Song-guk 김성국 in saxophone duet with Ri Sol Ju 리설주

11.56 멋있는 사람 Mŏsinnŭn saram Elegant man かっこいい人
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2002

Ri Sol Ju 리설주 20110202 11.28

Ri Sol Ju 리설주 as a soloist. She appears later also as a member of the Moranbong.

13.50 우리 집사람 Uri jipsaram Our wives 私たちの家内
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010.
Saxophone sextet: Ri Chol-hun 리철훈, Song Yong-guk 송용국, Kim Hyong-il 김형일, Hwang Sung-chol 황승철, Ri Ung 리웅, Kim Song-guk 김성국 (from left to right)

17.06 사회주의 너를 사랑해 Sahwejuye nŏrŭl sarange Socialism loves you 社会主義は君を愛している
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2009
So Un-hyang 서은향 (pink dress) & Kim Kyong-hui 김경희 (hair tied at the back of her head) & Ro Un-pyol 로은별 (hair open). Ro makes her debut here.

20.37 바다는 나의 고향 Padanŭn na ye kohyang Sea is my home 海は私の故郷
= 大海啊我的故乡 (Da hai a gu xiang; Great sea, my sweet home). Composer Wang Liping 王立平, 1981
Moranbong: Kim Ok-ju 김옥주, Ri Kyong 리경, Kim Hyang-mi 김향미, Kim Song-sim 김성심, Ri Sol Ju 리설주, Ri Ok-hwa 리옥화; all sing in Chinese

22.44 《모안영》 주제가 《Mo An Yŏng》 jujega ”Mao Anying” theme song 「毛岸英」 主題歌 《毛岸英》
Composer 刘为光 Liú Wèiguāng; the TV drama Mao Anying started airing in China in October 2010. In November 2010 in a high profile ceremony of China-DPRK friendship a premiere of the series was viewed in the Taedong Gate Cinema in Pyongyang, and later DVD copies of the series were presented to Kim Jong-il. http://en.people.cn/90001/90776/90883/7210042.html. Now three months later UO is performing the song in front of an audience apparently including Chinese diplomats.

Moranbong 20110202 UT中歌 12.49 s.png


An immediate encore for Moranbong. Probably planned, as the whole orchestra immediately catches the idea and has notes ready. But the audience liked the performance, no doubt about that.

26.04 사회주의 좋다 Sahwejuye jotta Socialism is good 社会主義は素晴らしい­
= 社会主义好. Composer Lǐ Huànzhī 李焕之, lyrics: Xi Yang 希揚, 1958
Moranbong. Still in Chinese.

27.44 군밤타령 Kunbam tharyŏng Ballad of a chestnut tree 栗打令
No creation info.
Mun Myong-sam 문명삼 文明三.

30.20 귀항의 노래 Kwihang ye nore Song of return to home port 帰港(帰航)の歌
Composition: Kim Pok Yun 김복윤, lyrics: Jǒng Mun Hyang, 1961
From the film 《〈갈매기〉호 청년들》, which translates as ”The youthful crew of the fishing boat ’Seagull’”
Male quintet

32.57 군항의 밤 Kunangye pam Night at the naval port 軍港の夜
= 军港之夜. Composition: Liu Shizhao 刘诗召, lyrics: Ma Jinxing 马金星, 1980

So Un-hyang 서은향 20110202 34.41

So Un-hyang 서은향 sings in Chinese. A dress change also.

36.20 옥류교원무곡 Okryu gyowŏn mugok Okryu Bridge Waltz 玉流橋ワルツ
Composition: Kim Bok-yun 김복윤, lyrics: Ju Je-uk 주재욱, 1961
So Un-hyang, in Korean here.

38.55 황하 Hwangha Yellow River 黄河
= Yellow River Piano Concerto 黄河协奏曲, prelude: Song of the Yellow River Boatman 黃河船夫曲. Original composer Xiǎn Xīnghăi 冼星海 in Yanan in 1939, music rearranged by Yīn Chéngzōng 殷承宗 et al. in 1969.
Played here by a 13-year old pioneer boy, with a red concert piano apparently used later by Kim Yong-mi of the Moranbong Band. His name is His name is Pak Kon-ui 박건의. Ri Myong-il proudly escorts him to the stage, and simultaneously returns to conducting, though only for this song. The boy plays well. He can be seen later in a video published in May 2017 as a piano solist of the Orchestra of the Kim Won Gyun University of Music: https://youtu.be/hdS_Q90fKB8 at 01.36.30 onwards. The time of the recording is unknown, but he would then be up to 19 years old.

Ri Myong-il 리명일 & Nam Sin-hui 남신희 (unclear) 20110202 38.02

Ri Myong-il 리명일 with pianist Pak Kon-ui 박건의

50.15 준마처녀 Junma chŏnyŏ Maiden like a swift horse 駿馬の娘
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Ri Kwang-suk 리광숙, 1999
String quartet: Jong Son-yong 정선영, Pek Hyon-hui 백현희, Pe Un-ju 배은주, Kim Song-hui 김송희
Conductor for three songs: Kim Chung-il 김충일

Jong Son-yong 정선영 20110202 Junma chönyö3 s

UO made here a performative innovation, using a female violin quartet at the front stage.

Jong Son-yong 정선영 20110202 Junma chönyö2 s

The quartet was lead by Jong Son-yong 정선영

52.27 장강의 노래 Janggang ye nore Song of the Yangtse River 長江の歌
= 长江之歌­. Composition: Wang Shiguang 王世光曲, lyrics: Hu Hongwei 胡宏伟词, date unknown

Hwang Un-mi 황은미 20110202 55.32

Hwang Un-mi 황은미 sings in Chinese and Korean

55.55 아름다운 생의 자욱 새기여가자 Arŭmdaun sengye jauk segiyogaja Let’s walk earnestly on the beautiful trail of life 美しき生の跡を刻んで行こう
Composition: Jong Chun-il 정춘일, lyrics: Pak Sang-min 박상민, 2002
Pi Jinu 비진우 (name remains unclear)

58.46 통일무지개 Thongil mujige Unification rainbow 統一の虹
Composition & lyrics: Ri Jong-o 리종오, 1993
Kayagum Jo Ok-ju + three flutists; Kim Hyang-sun 김향순 arrives a bit later to play accordeon, the first future Moranbong Band member to appear in Unhasu Orchestra, apart from the joint concert with Samjiyon Band in 20091010.
Ri Myong-il 리명일 conducts the rest of the concert.

01.03.07 위대한 내 나라 Widehan ne nara Our great country 偉大なる我が国
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Kim Hyo-bong 김효봉, 1998
All singers form the back stage choir, which otherwise is lacking from this concert.

01.06.03 전선에서 만나자 Jŏnsŏnesŏ mannaja Let’s meet at the frontline 前線で会おう
Composition: Kim Jong-hun 김정훈, lyrics: U Jong-hui 우정희, date unknown
Grande finale

01.07.50 Ending ceremonies

Ro Un-pyol 로은별 20110202 17.26

Ro Un-pyol 로은별 17.26

Moranbong Ri Kyong 리경 20110202 24.28

Ri Kyong 리경 24.28

Ri Jong-hui 리정희 20110202 44.14

Ri Jong-hui 리정희 44.14