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Date: 2010 April 15
Theme: Day of the Sun; Kim Il-song’s official birthday
Place: Probably the Ryukyong Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium
Audience: Leading officials
KJI present
Choir: c. 180 females, 90 males; a mix of MY singers and KWGU students
KCNA: http://www.kcna.co.jp/item/2010/201004/news15/20100415-23ee.html
Published: KCTV, private recording from the broadcast
Quality: not too good, resolution 384 × 288

Comment: As the KIS birthday was the biggest of DPRK annual events, the musicians, though not singers, wear military uniforms. That is the reason also for the size of the hall. The first time they were seen in such costume as UO personnel.

There is a DVD recording of a concert two days later. Its contents are almost the same as in this one, but it is somewhat shorter.

The KCNA does not inform about the exact location of the concert. Judging from the arrangement of the seats and entrances, the building has been built as a sports hall rather than a concert hall. There are two big indoor stadiums in Pyongyang used occasionally also for concerts, one of them being 평양체육관 平壤體育館 Pyongyang Gymnasium. It was built in 1973 and can house over 20 000 spectators, but this is not it. Its construction is different, a simple rectangle. There is a brief glimpse at the audience at the end of the video, which indicates that the shape of the hall is an oval.

Stage audience 20100415 01.17.47.png

Also the fact that KCNA does not mention its name, points to the direction that the place is the Ryukyong Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium, which is an oval. It has an interesting name and history. The building was completed in 2003 by the South Korean Hyundai chaebol during the Sunshine policy years, with the decision of the group’s founder and chairman Chung Ju-yung – which is the way he used to romanize his name. In Hanja it is written as 鄭周永 and in Hangul as 정주영, meaning that it is translitterated with the RR system as Jeong Ju-yeong, and transcribed with the corrupt MR system used in this blog as Jŏng Ju-yŏng. Because his company financed and built it, his name is part of the building’s name, resulting from Kim Jong Il’s goodwill at the time, and may be the reason why KCNA does not want to use it in 2010 and later. The whole name of the building in Chosŏngŭl is 류경정주영체육관, and in Hancha 柳京鄭周永體育館. where 류경/柳京 means “Willow Capital”, which is the metaphorical name for Pyongyang, as it is built on low wet land where willows thrive, and probably chosen for the building because the Pyongyang Gymnasium already existed at the time of its construction. The whole name in English thus would mean Willow Capital Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium. It is called in English also the Pyongyang Arena, but as that name has no relation with the Korean one, it is not adopted here. Ryukyong Gymnasium would be a neat shortened name. Many later large concerts by UO, Moranbong Band and other North Korean ensembles have been held in that hall. Apparently rather heavy reconstruction has occasionally been done at the stage end of the hall, because the shape of the stage and its background has changed many times over the years. Its capacity is announced as 12,309 people, but it is not clear whether this relates only to sports events, when the centre floor is for the athletes, or concerts, when the centre floor also is full of seats. If the figure is for sport events only, then perhaps c. 15 ooo people can listen to concerts here at one time.
00.47 충성의 노래 Chungsŏngye nore Song of Loyalty 忠誠の歌
Song made for the 60th birthday celebrations of Kim Il-song in April 1972. It is also called the ’Hymn of all citizens’.
Narration, Pek Sung-ran 백숭란 with a young unnamed gentleman

02.57 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌 《朝鲜国歌》
Composition: Kim Won-gyun 김원균 金元均, lyrics: Pak Se-yong 박세영 朴世永, 1947
Conductor: Ri Myong-il 리명일
All solists singing together

04.31 사향가 Sahyangga Nostalgia 思郷歌
Composition & lyrics: credited to Kim Il-song, but this is actually a Korean song made in 1925 during the Japanese occupation by An Gi-yong 안기영 安基永, titled 내 고향 리별하고 Ne kohyang ripyŏrago Away from my home 我が故郷を離れて。KIS may have written his own lyrics for it, though, as they are different from this old recording
Pak Kon-ye 박겅의 11 years & Han Si-ne 한시내 12 years, piano; they look older than claimed.

Kid performers 20100415 03.14

Many kinds of guests performed in UO concerts, including occasionally children. UO was a very flexible ensemble, able to accommodate all possible skill levels of the guests.

09.27 만경대는 혁명의 요람 Mangyŏngde nŭn hyŏkmyŏng ye yoram Mangyongdae, the cradle of revolution 万景台は革命のゆりかご
Lyrics: Han Sang-ho 한상호 韓尙浩, no other info.
So Un-hyang 서은향 & Hwang Un-mi 황은미 & Ri Hyang-suk 리향숙

11.02 만경대의 노래 Mangyŏngde ye nore Song of Mangyondae 万景台の歌
Composition: Kim Ok-song 김옥성, lyrics: Jo Ryong-chul 조령출, 1962
So Un-hyang & Hwang Un-mi & Ri Hyang-suk

11.55 만경봉은 제일봉 Mangyŏng bongŭn jeil bong Mangyong Peak is the finest peak 万景峰は第一峰
Lyrics Kim Du-il 김두일, 1974, no composer info.
So Un-hyang & Hwang Un-mi & Ri Hyang-suk

12.57 만경대는 혁명의 요람 Mangyŏngde nŭn hyŏkmyŏng ye yoram Mangyongdae, the cradle of revolution 万景台は革命のゆりかご
Once again
So Un-hyang & Hwang Un-mi & Ri Hyang-suk

13.30 만경대 찾아가네 Mangyŏngde chajagane We visit Mangyongdae 万景台を訪ね行く
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: Kan Hyok 강혁, date unknown
Ri Chun-il 리춘일 (debut as solist, out of the choir), Jo Chol-hui 조철휘 (debut), Kim Song-jin 김성진 (debut), Mun Myong-sam 문명삼 (debut)

Ri Chun-il 리춘일 20100415 34.54

Ri Chun-il 리춘일 at 34.54. Every now and then a young singer from the choir enters the front stage. Ri occasionally went back to the choir, but eventually became one of the main male singers.

15.46 수령님의 높은 뜻 붉게 피였네 Suryŏngnim ye nophŭm tŭt mukke phiyŏnne The Leader’s noble idea blossoms 首領様の高い志が赤く咲いたよ
Narration 설화 Pek Sung-ran. This does not appear in the DVD version
Conductor: Kim Chung-il 김충일

18.03 수령님 한품속에 우리는 사네 Suryŏngnim hanphum soge urinŭn sane We live in the embrace of the leader 首領様の一つの懐に我らは生きる
Composition: Kim Song-su 김정수 金正洙, 1968.

19.39 영원한 그 미소 Yŏngwŏnan kŭ miso His eternal smile 永遠のその微笑
No creation info.
Hwang Un-mi

23.40 혁신 앞으로 Hyŏksin aphŭro Forward revolution 革新、前へ
Composition: Kim Gil-hak 김길학, lyrics: Han Myong-chon 한명천, 1970
Ri Jong-hua 리정화

25.42 일터의 휴식 Ilthŏ ye hyusik A break at the work place 仕事場の休息
Composition & lyrics: Ri Dong-jun 리동준, 1958
Male choir

27.44 기쁨의 노래 Kippŭm ye nore Song of joy 喜びの歌
No creation info. There exists at least two other songs of joy in the North, and more in the South, but this is none of them.
출연 Wangjesan yesuldan 왕재산 예술단 members: Song Un-sim 송은심, Hwang Sol-kyong 황설경, Yu Pyol 유별, Kim Ju-hyang 김주향

30.01 직포공의 노래 Jikphogong ye nore Weaver’s song 織布工の歌
Composition: group, lyrics: Kim Ryon-uk 김런욱, date unknown
So Un-hyang sings wonderfully … applauses do not have much meaning in purely Korean concerts at KJI times. The orchestra does not wait for them, but continues immediately to the next song. She wears the same dress she had at the end of the previous concert in March, but the jewelry is different.

So Un-hyang 20100415 30.26

So Un-hyang at 30.26

32.12 수령님 높이 모신 내 조국 노래하네 Suryŏngnim nophi mosin ne joguk norehane We sing of our country holding the Leader in high esteem 首領様を高く仰ぐ我が国を歌う
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: Kim Do-il 김두일, 1977
Moranbong: Kim Ok-ju 김옥주, Je Su-hyang 제수향, Kim Hyang-mi 김향미, Kim Song-sim 김성심, Han Sol-hyang 한설향, Ri Ok-hwa 리옥화

34.16 만풍년의 우리 조국 온 세상에 자랑하세 Manphungnyŏn ye uri joguk on sesange jarangase Let’s be proud in front of the whole world of the full harvest of an abundant year 豊年満作のわが祖国、全世界に誇ろう
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: Kim Du-il 김두일, 1977
Jo Chol-hui 조철휘 (m), Kim Hyang 김향 (blue, debut), Ham Son-hui 함선희 (white, debut), Ri Chun-il 리춘일

Ham Son-hui 함선희 20100415 34.45

Ham Son-hui 함선희 at 34.45. She was one of the young singers, who appeared at the front stage only a short while. Ham was seen only in these two April 2010 concerts.

36.22 수령님 영원히 모시고 살리 Suryŏngnim yŏngwŏni mosigo salli Leader is alive forever enshrined 首領様に永遠に仕えて生きん
No creation info.
Conductor: Ri Myong-il
Ri Hyang-suk

39.34 4월의 명절 Ne wŏlye myŏngjŏl National holiday in April 4月の名節
No creation info.
Piano: Ma Sina 마신아, 7 years. Two days later her age is given as 6 years. Info in the videos is usually accurate, but age information may not always be absolutely reliable.

41.28 만경대는 꽃동산 Mangyŏngde nŭn kottongsan Mangyongdae is a flower garden 万景台は花園
No creation info.
Flute: Kim Jon-ri 김전리, 11 years old.

43.12 노래하자 대동강 Norehaja Tedonggang Let’s sing of the Taedong River 歌おう大同江
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: Kim Jo-gyu 김조규, date unknown
Trumpet: Hwang Yong-rim 황영림, 14 years old.

45.44 세상에 부럼없어라 Sesange purŏmŏpsŏra We have nothing to envy in this world この世に羨むことはない
Composition: Kim Hyok 김혁, lyrics: group, 1961
Song symbolizing strongly the 1960s, and perhaps the whole history of North Korea up to today. This song is usually performed by children.
Performers: Yun Il 윤일 , 11 years & Jang Si-kyong 장시경, 13 years

49.22 행복한 내 나라 Hengbogan ne nara My happy country 幸福な我が国
No creation info.
So Un-hyang

51.05 보람찬 생활 Poramchan sengwal Worthwhile life やりがいのある生活
Composition: Sol Myong-sun 설명순, lyrics: Mun Bok-ryon 문복련, 1984
Kim Hyang 김향 (white dress now) & Ri Chun-il 리춘일

53.08 행복의 아리랑고개를 넘소 Hengbok ye arirang kogerŭl nŏmso Happiness of the Arirang Pass 幸せのアリラン峠を越えて行く
No creation info.
Wangjesan yesuldan singers: Pak In-ok 박인옥, Song Un-sim 송은심, Hwang Sol-kyong 황설경, Yu Pyol-nim 유별님, Kim Ju-hyang 김주향, Jong Sun-nyo 정순녀

Wangj Jong Sun-nyo 정순녀 20100215 10.24 (1)

The membership of Wangjesan Yesuldan was not set, but changed from concert to concert. Jong Sun-nyo 정순녀 was a short time guest in the group in 2010, here at 10.24. She can also be seen in Youtube as the solist of an all-female Wangjaesan Art Troupe ensemble https://youtu.be/D_s19yjIASU

56.04 우리 집사람 Uri jipsaram Our wives 私たちの家内
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010.
According to the KCNA, this is one of the ultimate songs for praising North Korean women. http://www.kcna.co.jp/calendar/2011/07/07-30/2011-0730-022.html
Kim Ung-sam + Wangjesan yesuldan singers. The first jazz number of this concert.

59.52 통일아리랑 Thongil Arirang Unification Arirang 統一アリラン
Composition: Kim Un-ryong 김운룡, lyrics: Pak Du-chon 박두천, 1998.
Trumpet sextet & guitar & drums. The second jazz piece of the concert, very good.

01.02.29 통일무지개 Thongil mujige Unification rainbow 統一の虹
Composition & lyrics: Ri Jong-o 리종오, 1993
Moranbong 모란봉: Kim Ok-ju 김옥주, Je Su-hyang 제수향, Kim Hyang-mi 김향미, Kim Song-sim 김성심, Han Sol-hyang 한설향, Ri Ok-hwa 리옥화

01.05.01 통일 6.15 Thongil yugio Reunification 15 June 統一6・15
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Kwak Myong-chol 곽명철, 2005
Jo Chol-hui 조철휘, So Un-hyang & Hwang Un-mi, Ri Chun-il 리춘일

The DVD ends here.

01.07.37 통일 렬차 달린다 Thongil ryŏlcha tallinda Unification train running 統一列車が走る
Composition: Mo Yong-il 모영일, lyrics: Pak San-un 박산운, 1961

01.10.16 우리는 하나 Urinŭn hana We are one 我らは一つ
Composition & lyrics: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 2002
Pek Mi-yong 백미영 in chosonot. KIS in the video

01.12.38 충성의 노래 Chungsŏng ye nore Song of loyalty 忠誠の歌
Creators of the song unknown; the story is that Kim Jong-il commanded the creators to start making the song in November 1969, and the song was performed for the first time in the 60th birthday celebrations of Kim Il-song in April 1972. The grand bronze statue at Mansu Hill was erected for the same occasion. The song is also called the ’Hymn of all citizens’.
Narration Pek Sung-ran.
KIS story continues. Young KJI is displayed by his father; presenting a special assault rifle to a soldier is a gesture shown already here.

01.15.43 로동당은 우리의 향도자 Rodongtangŭn uri ye hyangdoja The Worker’s Party is our guide 労働党は我等が嚮導者
Composition: Kim Gil-hak 김길학, lyrics: unknown, 1957
Grande finale. All women singers, excepting the two Peks and children, now in the simple black and white chosonots worn by the choir – including So Un-hyang and Hwang Un-mi; the second time this happens. In that dress they look as young as the students; the difference was not many years. They were both born in 1984, which makes them 26 in 2010.
The video ended in the image of young KJI.

Hwang & So in BW hanboks 20100415 01.16.10.png

01.17.40 Ending ceremonies

Stage grande finale 20100415 01.17.55